Listrak API Documentation

Many organizations are already using Listrak’s API to build, manage, automate, report, and streamline elaborate email marketing processes remotely. The API, or Application Programmer Interface, integrates existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, and online stores, with Listrak’s email marketing software. This enables users to transfer data securely between the systems so email marketers may build strong, preference-based email lists quickly and easily.

For example, an online retailer using the API interface may capture pertinent customer data and preferences captured during the sales process and store the data automatically in Listrak’s email marketing software. This information may then be used to send personalized and targeted email messages.

These APIs closely mimic Listrak’s web-based application in functionality and use so programmers will intuitively develop hooks to Listrak due to these similarities. Also, programmers only have to develop their Listrak interfaces once because the new SOAP compliant APIs retain backwards compatibility as new features are created or updated. This means that programmers don’t have to revisit their code to make changes unless they are integrating a new feature, updating security items, or updating items that may have been deprecated.

Listrak’s APIs use the standards based protocol SOAP. SOAP is an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. Simply stated, SOAP is a communications tool that allows applications to transfer data over a computer network. SOAP provides an effective way to communicate information between applications using different operating systems, different technologies, and different programming languages. This gives organizations an easy way to share XML-based information between their programs and databases with Listrak.